From my ongoing project on artisans:

Alison Fowler is a painter who has an abiding love of nature. That is where she gets her inspiration for her landscapes and pictorials of flora and fauna. Alison has a sense of “radicalness” of colour that infuses her artwork. A “colourist,” she uses a palette knife and brushwork to create design elements in a natural setting that explores the artistic realm between abstraction and reality. Her art is deceptively simple and straightforward: eye-pleasing composition, dollops of underlying texture and, vibrant and stunning colour.

Barbara Barkley is a copper artist. Barbara has developed her own unique techniques as she molds, shapes and crafts a new visual medium. She was drawn to the interplay between shadow and light on metal and became fascinated with the potential for creating such intricacy of detail. Her work involves infinite precision; jeweler-like tooling skills; and the dimensional quality of sculpture. Each piece captures the form and beauty of images and objects that surround us; each piece is original and hand-tooled.